Biden’s UN Ambassador White Supremacy In America’s ‘Founding Documents And Principles

WATCH: Biden’s UN Ambassador: ‘White Supremacy’ In America’s ‘Founding Documents And Principles’

President Biden’s UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, told the National Action Network that the United States has always been a white supremacist nation but that she has hope for the country because of Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter.

Can Biden’s picks get any worse than this. Can you see her agreeing with America’s enemies at the United nations? Maybe conservatives can win her affection if we loot and burn buildings and assault police, too.

Thomas-Greenfield is a terrible choice as our ambassador to the UN. We need an advocate who will fight for and not against our country. She is a globalist and expressed her opinion on this saying, it was “so important to engage on a global scale.”

Thomas-Greenfield called for “recommitting to multilateral institutions.”:

If we go it alone and retreat from the world, then we let existing inequalities fester. But if we engage, then we can push for change and demand justice. That’s why under President Biden’s leadership, we’ve been restoring our alliances and recommitting to multilateral institutions.

We rejoined the World Health Organization because we believed we can make the WHO smarter, nimbler, and more just by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved. We proudly rejoined the Paris Agreement because the only way to reverse the effects of the climate crisis is to join forces.

And we know that if we don’t act, poor communities and communities of color, especially in the Global South, will suffer the most. And we immediately [reengaged] with the UN Human Rights Council and have announced our intention to seek election to that body so that we can advance our most cherished democratic values around the globe.

She went on to say that this country was evil from it’s conception:

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My Thoughts:

That woman is despicable and a complete embarrassment to the United States. A total embarrassment.
Where did Uncle Joe find this POS?




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