Crosman C362 Pump-Action Pneumatic Air Rifle for Bug Out and Defense

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In a home defense scenario, there is a common question regarding over-penetration. Whether in regard to the round going through a wall or the intruder. However, this is not an issue with air guns. Although they do not have the stopping power of a full power firearm, they are a much safer alternative in a family home or apartment. And pump-Action Pneumatic air rifles, like the C362 from Crosman, provide security without the worry of your C02 running out.

Crosman C362 Pump-Action Pneumatic Air Rifle

Constructed of a rugged water-resistant synthetic frame, the C362 features a pump-action operation. Unlike a precharged pneumatic, pump-action will never run out of C02 or require refills. The C362 has a large, textured charging handle and places the serrations in a natural position. As a result, the C362 requires less effort to pump, making it perfect for every member of the family.

Chambered in .22 caliber, the C362 is a single-shot rifle. Although one shot will necessarily stop an attacker, at 875 fps it will slow him down enough to transition to another defensive measure. Not to mention, it may make him rethink his plans and beat feet out of there. A .22 caliber round at 875 feet per second from close quarters will make anyone rethink things.

Aside from home defense, the C362 would make a good addition to your bug-out bag. While others are trying to go for large game, rabbits are where it’s at. Because frankly, they breed like…well…rabbits. They are a never-ending replenishable resource and the C362 is designed specifically to harvest small game like them. With a fully adjustable rear sight, you can reach out and bring home the hares from close and long-range.


The Crosman C362 Pump-Action Pneumatic Air Rifle is available now, with a retail price of $107.52. For more info, please visit

The Crosman C362 Pump-Action Pneumatic.

Crosman C362 Pump-Action Pneumatic Air Rifle Features

  • Compact and transitional single shot, variable pump-controlled hunting rifle
  • Durable, and rugged water-resistant synthetic frame with easy pumping effort
  • Delivers .22 caliber pellets downrange up to 875 fps
  • Fully adjustable rear sight to stay on target
  • Ideal for those transitioning into small game hunting
  • MSRP: $107.52