EAA Introduces the Girsan MC312 Goose Shotgun

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Goose Hunting is something that I’ve never participated in but would probably get into if not for my irrational hatred of Canadian Geese. EAA has just introduced a tool specifically for that job with the MC312 Goose shotgun. The new shotgun is a semi-auto 3-1/2″ cartridge-capable lightweight option for the avian hunter that sports a load of features right out of the box. As opposed to their tactical and sports options of the MC312, the MC312 Goose features no pistol grip and comes with 5 choke tubes to generate various patterns suited for big bird hunting.


EAA Introduces the Girsan MC312 Goose Shotgun

EAA Introduces the Girsan MC312 Goose Shotgun

The MC312 Goose semi-auto shotgun in 12GA (2 ¾”, 3”, 3 ½”) is built on a lightweight aircraft aluminum receiver with a machined integral accessory rail for the included Red Dot optics. The MC312 Goose is a gooses worst nightmare. The stock and forend are built out of high-impact polymers for a lifetime of use. The MC312 Goose barrel features a vented rib with a fiber-optic front sight and extended screw choke tubes in a common thread pattern. The overall length of 52-inches and a 30-inch barrel allows the shotgun to swing smoothly on follow-through shots while still having an extended sight plane.

Specs and Features:

    • Polymer Stock and Forend
    • High Visible Sight
    • Inertia Single Action Shotgun
    • Red Dot Optics Ready
    • CAL: 12 GA 3″
    • CAP: 5+1
    • LOP: 14.25″
    • BBL: 30″
    • OAL: 52″
    • WT: 6.95 lbs

EAA Introduces the Girsan MC312 Goose Shotgun

While it may not be the lightest shotgun on the market meant for bird hunting, the price certainly seems reasonable at just $452 especially when you consider it comes already equipped with the tools needed to use the red dot option and 5 different choke tubes. If you want to be a sporting conservationist, states like Wisconsin quite often have overpopulation issues with Canadian Geese specifically and regular cullings are needed to keep the goose population in check for the sake of native species in certain areas – the EAA Goose Gun might be just the tool for the job.

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