Faxon Modular Magazine Extensions: Your Glock Just got More Capacity

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Designed for their Faxon FX-19 or Glock 19, the new Faxon magazine extensions are now available. Faxon Firearms has a reputation for custom firearm components, along with two complete rifles, and know what works and what doesn’t.

Faxon Modular Magazine Extensions

The magazine extensions, machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, feature a type 2 anodized finish. Each extension undergoes rigorous testing on both the Glock 19 and Faxon FX-19 pistol platforms. The Faxon magazine extensions dress up your firearm with your choice of five colors—black, gray, gold, red, and blue.

All extension kits include assembly screws, and 3/32 Allen key, while +5 and combo kits also include a +5-compatible spring. However, the +3 kits are OEM spring compatible. The magazine extensions are available in your choice of the following configurations:

  • Black: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Gray: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Gold: Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Red: Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Blue: Combo (+3 and +5)

The modularity of Faxon’s design means that assembly/disassembly is easy, as a result they don’t require the destruction of the spring for removal. With that said, Faxon recommends using the baseplate of the existing magazine when installing the extension. Worth noting is that the Faxon magazine extensions are not recommended for aftermarket magazines. The Faxon Firearms lifetime guarantee covers all extensions.

“If you’re like me, the idea of permanently modifying your firearms and accessories is intimidating. Any change that isn’t reversible means you might have to buy another one if it doesn’t pan out the way you wanted. That’s why we made our new magazine extensions easy and rewarding to install and tinker with,” said Faxon Design Engineer, Aaron Meidinger. “You can swap between +3 and +5 in seconds, mix and match colors to boost the look of your build, and even return it all to factory without having to destroy your magazine spring, like with other extensions. We’re really excited to share this new product with you, and there’s more where that came from right around the corner!”


All Faxon magazine extensions are available now, with prices ranging from $50 to $75, based on options. For more info, please visit FaxonFirearms.com.

Source: https://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2021/07/faxon-magazine-extensions/