Here’s some info concerning the impeachment of Trump.

Everybody on the left is saying Trump encouraged the people at the capitol to cause damage and riot when he spoke on Jan 6th. When he really told the people there to be peaceful going to the capitol and then go back to their homes afterward.

But here’s the kink in their words, a day prior to what Trump said, on the 6th, on the 5th, the FBI made an official statement that said they had various notices and statements from the rioters at the capital saying that they were going to attack, destroy and cause harm to the people who were working in the capitol building.

So here’s the question, how can anyone accuse trump of instigating the riot at the capitol, when it was being planned days prior to the riot?




I know it's been discussed numerous times and I should be asking more on a legit level, but I haven't been on here for...


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