Ivan The Troll Introduces the 3011 Pistol – A 1911 that “Doesn’t Suck”

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I am oftentimes both impressed and terrified of the things that I find on Reddit and Ivan the Troll has probably been one of the most frequent users that evokes that feeling of confused amazement in me. About a week ago Ivan dropped one of his newest 3D printed creations what he calls the 3011 pistol. In a post titled The 3011: Like the 1911, only it doesn’t suck (and it’s 3D printed), Ivan showcased the 3D printed pistol and it is a very weird blend of parts and components that somehow run and the gun also features just about every slap in the face to the ATF you can imagine on a pistol.

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Ivan The Troll Introduces the 3011 Pistol - A 1911 that "Doesn't Suck"

A more colorful version of the 3011

Ivan The Troll Introduces the 3011 Pistol – A 1911 that “Doesn’t Suck”

Printed on his Ender 5 3D printer, the 3011 features a lot of design inspiration from his earlier creation – the 3D printed Walther PDW pistol that also made use of a pistol parts kit and replaced the grip with a 3D printed one and added a pistol brace and red dot. This time it looks like Ivan has also added a short section of forward-mounted Picatinny rail and mounted a flashlight on it as well.

In a post about 5 months ago, Ivan gave everyone an update as he was working out the kinks in the design and this also happened to be before he added the forward rail section and the folding brace:

Got the 3011 frame running really well.

It’s on aluminum rails now, and a lot has changed since the last update here – feed ramp changed, magazine height changed, it takes AR15 grips now, the ejector is held in a little better now.

Next steps will be getting a printed stock/brace setup (something foldy) that can interface with the 1913 rail on the back of this frame. At that point, it should be ready for beta – I won’t need to wait for a rail vendor to start this beta since none of the parts that control when this gun fires are contained in the rails (which is the case with the BHP frame rails).

Ivan The Troll Introduces the 3011 Pistol - A 1911 that "Doesn't Suck"

In his video that I discovered recently, the 3011 seems to be running quite nicely and to be quite honest, I don’t think it would make that terrible of a backpack gun with the folding TF1913 brace on it. The comments on the post are predictably an absolute mess full of ad hominem attacks and arguments about what “reliable” actually means (check the original post out at your own peril here). For the time being, it appears that the 3011 is up and running and I’m sure that those interested can find the 3D printing files through the normal channels. What are your thoughts on Ivan’s 3011?

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