Knife Wielding Woman Tased by Florida Deputy Inside Walmart

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Another body cam video is making its way around the social media sphere. The video depicts a woman in a Florida Walmart wielding a knife, before being tased by a local Sheriff’s Deputy. Unfortunately, the video is a clear depiction of the escalating drug problem in our country. However, on a positive note, things worked out for the best. This time.

Knife Wielding Woman Tased in Walmart

On March 30th, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Summerfield Walmart. When Deputy Christopher Witte arrived at 1:30, he encountered 32-year-old Brandy McGowan brandishing a knife and brick. McGowan was uttering incoherent statements and threatening employees and customers with the pocketknife.

According to Breitbart, “An investigation revealed that McGowan entered the store with a brick in hand and began intimidating customers as she wandered around the Walmart, authorities said. She came across a packaged [pocketknife] and used scissors from the store to access the weapon before using the blade, in addition to the brick, to continue threatening shoppers and workers until Witte and then Thomas arrived on the scene, the MCSO said.”

Upon Deputy Witte’s arrival, he pulled his service pistol and delivered repeated demands that McGowan drop the knife. However, McGowan maintained her position and did not comply with any of the demands. According to Deputy Witte, McGowan made claims that she did not kill her family.

A Law & Crime report states, “McGowan’s words are not entirely clear from the body cam footage, but according to the [Witte’s] probable [cause] affidavit, she said she did not kill her family, and she also mentioned an unknown man named ‘Bill.’”

However, according to the story, the Marion County Sheriff’s Department does not have a reason to believe her comments were related to an actual incident.

A Welcome Distraction

As Deputy Witte continued to try and get McGowan to drop the knife, Property Crimes Detective Pamela Thomas arrived. As a result, Deputy Witte was able to switch to his taser while McGowan was distracted. Deputy Witte issued the order to drop the knife one final time before deploying his taser and subduing McGowan.

According to the Law & Crime report, “The woman, identified by authorities Brandy Joe McGowan, 32, fell back stiff as a board, bouncing off clothing shelves and onto the floor.”

Word to the wise, bad guys. If the taser comes out, you’re riding the lighting if you don’t comply.

Although her motive was unclear just by watching the video, things became clearer following her arrest.

The Law & Order report goes on to say, “‘After McGowan was arrested, it was discovered that she ingested approximately four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day,’ the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post.”

Following the incident, authorities took McGowan to the hospital for evaluation. She was then booked into the Marion County Jail and is being held in lieu of a $1,000 bond. According to the Sheriff’s Department, she faces a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, without intent to kill. The store manager has stated that Walmart does not want to pursue charges of retail theft.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Fortunately, Deputy Witte remained calm and took advantage of the opportunity to switch to a less-than-lethal weapon. Likewise, it is fortunate that McGowan, in her state, did not charge the deputy and exacerbate the issue. This could have gone completely differently, but the two officers’ actions mitigated the situation and McGowan can get the help she needs.

Seriously though, people. Don’t do drugs.