MR-30 Precision Rifles Custom Built From D&L Sports

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The long range precision market has exploded in the past decade, but Dave Lauck of D&L Sports has been building and improving his MR-30 Precision Rifle over the past four decades. The MR-30 is built in-house, and is made in different configurations and calibers according to the end-user’s needs. Dave explained that they’ve chambered guns from 6mm to .338 Lapua, in traditional, long range profiles (designated “MR-30 PG, or Professional Grade”), down to compact and lightweight models for urban deployment, as well as quick handling versions. D&L Sports has also taken their own approach with the added details of a compass and level integrated into the butt stock.

D&L Sports MR-30 rifles

D&L Sports MR-30 rifle

D&L Sports MR-30 rifle

The following quotes are from their website.

The MR-30 PG rifle package was developed for the most discriminating precision marksman after decades of research, testing, and development by Dave Lauck and other professionals. This rifle is not an attempt at duplicating any other rifle, it was designed from the ground up as the most rugged, repeatable, and accurate precision field rifle available anywhere.

One of the most popular chamberings for this package is .308 Winchester. There are several reasons for this chambering: accurate factory loaded match grade ammunition, a factory loaded bonded core tactical round applicable for barrier penetration with minimal fragmentation and a similar close range trajectory to the match load, long accurate barrel life, minimal recoil, acceptable trajectory pattern for the moderate ranges commonly encountered during tactical operations in a civilian environment. .308 Winchester has long been established as a proven accuracy cartridge. Other chamberings are popular too: 6mm, 6.5mm, .338 LM.

A sample of an aluminum stocked MR-30 PG, after 30 days of continuous intense testing and evaluation in rugged conditions, maintained repeatable accuracy to the point of being able to win First Place in the International Tactical Rifleman’s Championships, the Carlos Hathcock Shootoff and the Golden Egg Shoot. The EGG Shoot consisted of dialing in a cold shot at 500 yards and making a hit on a chicken egg sized target with a single shot. Numerous other precision shoot offs have been won with this state of the art rifle, including numerous entries into the One Mile Club, which requires hitting an 11″ x 16″ target at 1800 yards. More MR-30 PG rifles than any other types combined have made entry into the OMC. The D&L MR30PG rifle won 1st place in the 2019 international sniper competition in Bulgaria.

D&L Sports MR-30 rifle

D&L Sports MR-30 rifles

Aside from the long-range “PG” models, D&L Sports’ MR-30 rifle can be made in a more compact version that can include the fitting of iron sights while still being able to accept optics. The specifications and features are too numerous to list here, so I highly recommend checking out D&L Sports’ product page to see everything this platform is capable of. Testimonials are also included. Due to the fact that the MR-30 rifles are so customizable and built to order, Dave ballparked the costs between $5000 – $9000. You can view the rest of D&L Sports’ products on their main webpage, or view their Instagram page as well. Thanks to Dave and D&L Sports for letting us share their photos and information!

What do you think about the MR-30 rifles from D&L Sports? Which features (according to their website) stand out to you, and which configuration grabs your attention?




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