New McLaughlin Poll Shows Majority Supports 2A, Current Laws

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Don’t give in to the relentless misinformation campaign perpetuated by Democrats regarding the Second Amendment. They want our guns, and they’re saying anything and everything to win public support. But a new McLaughlin Poll shows the majority of Americans still support the Second Amendment. It further shows most folks just want better enforcement of current laws on the books.

McLaughlin Poll Shows Americans Don’t Want Gun Control

The poll suggested overwhelming public support for the Second Amendment remains. Despite recent mass shootings in Georgia and Colorado, the poll showed most Americans believe more gun control laws would not prevent those tragedies.

“Based on these survey results, anti-gunners, including Joe Biden, should cool their zeal for passing new legislation,” said Alan Gottlieb, executive vice president, Second Amendment Foundation (SAF). “Over 72 percent of Americans support the right to keep and bear arms. Over 73 percent agree the Second Amendment is one of our most important and cherished rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. And more than 58 percent say they are likely to support a candidate for Congress who supports the right to keep and bear arms.”

The McLaughlin survey revealed 52.2 percent of the public believes better enforcement of existing laws constitutes the right approach to reduce violent crime. Another 55.5 percent want politicians to focus on current laws rather than enact more laws. Only 36.1 percent want more government control. More telling, 58.1 percent want any proposed firearm policies debated through democratic process. Only 31 percent believe President Joe Bide should enact policy via executive order. Finally, the poll showed more people believe more laws won’t reduce violence in America.

Americans Support 2A

“This survey shows clearly that Americans cherish their Second Amendment right,” McLaughlin & Associates told SAF. “It’s obvious. Anybody who tells you Americans don’t believe in the Second Amendment doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s also clear they do not want Joe Biden deciding gun policy on his own, but instead want this issue debated through the democratic process.”

“As we’ve been saying for years, gun control extremists have been completely wrong in their desire erase the Second Amendment and turn a right to bear arms into a heavily-regulated privilege,” Gottlieb said. “That notion doesn’t even square with non-gun owners, as the McLaughlin survey results confirm.

“Americans are protective of their constitutional rights, and we will use these poll results to fight the attacks on gun owners happening right now on Capitol Hill and in the Oval Office,” Gottlieb said.

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