POTD: French Foreign Legion at Sea with HK416F and FN Minimi

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Soldiers from the French Foreign Legion with a Heckler & Koch HK416F and the FN Minimi (Mini-Mitrailleuse – Mini machine gun), These pictures are from the 2ème Régiment Etranger d’Infanterie and as you can see they’re at sea.
Caption (computer translated from French):
On land and at sea, the DRAGON Embedded Tactical Group (GTE) does everything in its power to maintain its full operational capacity. Today: shooting from the platforms of the PHA DIXMUDE; goal: to continue training regardless of the sea state.
POTD: French Foreign Legion at Sea with HK416F and FN Minimi
The Dixmude (L9015) is an amphibious assault ship, a type of helicopter carrier, of the French Navy and was delivered in 2012. (Source)
All pictures taken by Monsieur Corentin CHARLES / Marine nationale / Défense.

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