Remember this.

You might not like Trump, but you’re not going to like a lot less freedom under the Biden Administration if it keeps going this way.

It is pretty amazing, frankly, that after vetting roughly 25,000 National Guardsmen, they found a whopping 12 individual soldiers whom they say had questionable posts on social media requiring them to be relieved from this particular assignment. Going through their private thoughts, like they have, I think it reveals tremendous individual discipline on the part of the troops that only twelve out of 25,000 could be excluded.

Shame on the Democrats for trying to label American troops as white supremacist militant racists like they try to smear against all who oppose their attempts to overthrow our nation for communism (which is the real reason they accuse any Americans of “racism).

The Dems are the only real racists remaining in America.



Gun control in other countries

Gun control in other countries

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