REPORT: White House to Pull David Chipman From ATF Consideration

Category: Guns

Several news outlets began reporting this morning that the White House is planning to withdraw David Chipman from consideration as direct of the ATF. The decision comes after a recent bipartisan push over Chipman’s record, including gun control work and personal alleged scandals during his career.

David Chipman ATF Bid Finally Sunk

The comment declined comment, according to a story by The Washington Post. But the Post reported that even select Senate Democrats opposed Chipman. According to the Post, the White House will seek another roll for Chipman within the administration.

Chipman’s demise comprises a huge win for 2A advocates, gun owners and the firearm industry. It also marks the latest successful resistance to the Biden administration as a whole. Despite constituting the most anti-gun presidency in American history, we’ve largely avoided increased gun control, so far.

David Chipman always made for a controversial choice. After completing a career with the ATF, Chipman pivoted to gun control, most notably working for Giffords. Since then, he became a vocal proponent for gun control, advocating for magazine and AR-15 rifle bans for the public. His appointment also became littered with scandal, with allegations claiming he made racist comments toward ATF agents during his career.