S&W MP9 Shield Plus Questions

Hi everyone, I’m new here so please forgive me if this post is in the wrong discussion category.
I purchased a brand new S&W Shield Plus on Saturday.
I cleaned it, then took it to the range yesterday and shot 100 rounds of Magtech 115gr FMJ.
It shoots great but there are a few things that I really don’t like about the gun.

1) The last round hold open fails far too often for my liking.
This is my first micro-compact, so maybe I’m doing something wrong?
This never happens on any of my other guns.

2) You have to be the Incredible Hulk to swing down that slide takedown lever.
It took almost all of my force to swing that sucker down when I cleaned it for the first time.
After coming home from the range, it was nearly impossible to swing it down 90 degrees.
I needed to use a Sharpie to get enough leverage, then I noticed the problem.
There’s a roll pin under the lever that was protruding out too far and the lever couldn’t get past it.
I hammered down the roll pin with a punch and that seemed to help a little.
Now I’m a little worried I ruined the gun, somehow.

3) There’s a gouge on one of the rear slide rails.
It’s fairly deep, my fingernail will snag in it.

I decided to purchase this particular firearm after having rented and shot a few of it’s competitors at my local range.
I love the the way the gun feels in my hand and the muzzle flip was the best of every other micro that I shot (even the MAX-9).
Many people love this gun but I’m not impressed with the quality control.

I contacted S&W via email but my question is.. is any of this normal for a Shield?

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