[TFB GUNFEST] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights

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Trijicon sent down Ryan with a new product for Gun Fest 2021 – the Trijicon DI (Dual Illuminated) pistol night sights.  Trijicon already has a pretty extensive line of iron sights available for pistols, many of which feature tritium inserts. The Trijicon DI night sights feature both a dual illuminated front sight and a tritium only rear sight.

[Gun Fest 2021] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights

[Gun Fest 2021] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights

The main feature of the Trijicon DI’s is the front sight which makes use of the same dual illumination system as Trijicon’s dual illuminated riflescopes. Furthermore, the fiber piece that is contained within the inside of the front sight is actually threaded into the front sight which is user-replaceable. The fiber piece is held in place by a Torx T-10 screw which can be removed and replaced by the included tool.

[Gun Fest 2021] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights

The rear sights are more or less the same as the HD and HRD u-notch style rear sights. The significant overhang on the back is to aid in lengthening the sight radius as well as eliminate any reflective light that would distract from a proper sight picture in low light situations.

The full retail price of the set is $150. There will be a total of four different colors of fiber including green, orange, red, and amber. The retainers will also be sold separately and will come in three different colors depending on your customization preferences. The inserts, retainers, and complete sets of night sights will start shipping on February 1st.

The front sight will also be available for sale as a stand-alone item if you don’t want to purchase the full set and want to just try the front sight. The price for the front sight only will be $99. The sight will be available for Glock, SIG Sauer, Springfield Armory, and Smith & Wesson handguns.

[Gun Fest 2021] The New Trijicon DI Pistol Night Sights

I especially like the ability to be able to mix and match the retainers with various fiber pieces which I think will give users the ability to customize the sights to their shooting preferences.

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