The DC Project Goes on the Offense Against Gun Control in New Video

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Recently President Biden announced his worn-out list of gun control measures and a new nominee for ATF Director. The announcement was met with resistance throughout the firearm community. And now the ladies at the DC Project go on the offense and add their voice to the growing opposition to these dangerous policies.

The DC Project Goes on the Offense Against Gun Control

The organization’s latest video We’re on Offense Now details the demonization of gun owners. In the video, they make it clear that misinformation about responsible, law-abiding gun owners will no longer be tolerated.

The piece begins with the founder of the DC Project, Dianna Muller stating, “I have listened to their lies, and I have taken their punches, but I refuse to stay silent any longer.”

In the official media release about the video she clarifies, “If we expect to preserve our Constitutional rights, we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines. We must speak up and have conversations today. The truth is powerful, so please share this video.”

We agree Dianna, and we will share your video.

Likewise, DC Project Advisory Board member Beth Walker discusses the organization’s reach and its reflection of gun-owning American women. She also makes it clear that gun control proponents are unaware of what makes a responsible gun owner.

According to Walker, “They simply cannot imagine that moms, daughters, and grandmas exercise their freedom to choose firearms as a way to defend themselves.”

Driving the Message Home

Perhaps one of the starker messages in the video comes from Venezuelan immigrant and professional shooter, Gabby Franco. She echoes the sentiment that many gun rights proponents in the US often point out.

In a recent statement, Franco said, “Anti-gun messaging drove the people of my homeland to accept the lies that convinced them to relinquish their freedoms. Their consent left my people unable to protect themselves from tyranny.”

Another poignant section of the video calls out the fallacy of the “common sense” argument in gun control. The video points out that common sense demonstrates that Democrat-run cities, with these gun control policies in place, have the worst violent crime rates. And they are only rising.

Walker succinctly defines what common sense truly is. She states, “Common sense is not stealing the right of American people to protect themselves.”

Standing Up

In a statement from Dianna Muller promoting the release of the video, she also addressed Biden’s recent announcement.

“The new policies outlined by the Biden administration yesterday will not save lives,” Muller said. “From violent riots and defunding the police to Ukrainian citizens arming up, the past two years have really highlighted the importance of gun ownership. We suggest the White House work with us instead of demonizing us.”

To conclude the message, Muller makes it clear that the DC Project is on the offense and not backing down. The message is one of action and details actual plans to increase firearm safety and reduce misinformation.

According to Muller, “We refuse to let gun control win with so much at stake. Therefore, we promote firearm safety education in schools, equip our friends and communities with the truth about responsible gun ownership, and work hand in hand with lawmakers by providing the armor they need to stand up to the gun control lobby.”

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