The Updated DeSantis Veiled Partner GLOCK Holster is Flashlight Ready

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In an increasingly volatile world personal protection has become the forethought for many. Depending on the severity of the situation, your firearm is your last line of defense. However, it doesn’t do any good sitting at home on the nightstand. For this reason, a comfortable holster, like the DeSantis Veiled Partner for GLOCK, with optics compatibility becomes essential. If it is convenient and comfortable to carry your firearm, you’ll be less likely to leave the house without it.

The DeSantis Veiled Partner GLOCK Holster

DeSantis utilizes precision molded Kydex to ensure a perfect fit of your firearm, every time you carry it. The updated gun light capable Veiled Partner holster is available for a host of different GLOCK models. The list of models supported by the Veiled Partner include the 19, 19 GEN 5, 19X, 23, 32 and 45.

The curvature of the Veiled Partner molds to the body for a perfect fit, almost like a second skin. With an OWB (outside the wasteband) design, it utilizes belt loops for 1 ½ inch or 1 ¾ inch belts. Also, the belt loops can be adjusted for height and cant. As a result, the carrier can be sure their holster is configured for a consistent positive interaction with their pistol.

Although the Veiled Partner is an OWB, an optional attachment allows you to convert it to IWB (inside the wasteband). Additionally, the adjustable tension ensures a secure hold on the firearm, preventing accidental and unexpected release.

IWB attachments are available for the Veiled Partner.

Furthermore, the DeSantis Veiled Partner holster is optics compatible and accepts GLOCKS with red dot sights and/or Streamlight TLR-7A flashlight. Finally, with availability in right- or left-hand configurations, the Veiled Partner is ready for all. However, it is not ambidextrous, and you will need to specify the proper configuration when ordering.

The DeSantis Veiled Partner Optics Compatible Holster is available now, with an MSRP of $59.99. For more info, please visit

The DeSantis Veiled Partner holster molds to the body for ultimate comfort.