Wheelgun Wednesday: Cowboy Up! TALO Exclusive Ruger Wrangler

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If you love to plink with rimfire revolvers there is a delicate line you must walk of affordability and quality. Without throwing any names under the bus, there are a few economy revolvers on the market I would stay away from because they are too cheap. One of the best ones dollar-for-dollar though is the Ruger Wrangler. We have extensively covered the Ruger Wrangler on TFB because of its popularity since its inception and also because of the many permutations of this wheelgun. One nostalgic looking one I lauded not long ago was a TALO Exclusive with hardwood grips and a cobalt Cerakote. That very version we got our hands on and will be taking a look at today!

Ruger Wrangler @ TFB:

ruger wrangler

The reason why this version of the Ruger Wrangler is my personal favorite is because it personifies (in my mind) what a classic six-shooter wheelgun should look like. A flat, matte finish with hardwood grips to invoke nostalgic feelings of the old west. While many of the versions Ruger produces in the Wrangler series are gorgeous, this one is perfection in my eyes. It has been on the market for 6+ months now, but as we all know with COVID-19, everything is more difficult to obtain than it typically would be otherwise. Ruger shares a short synopsis of this wheelgun below:

The popular Wrangler® revolver is now available in a TALO exclusive configuration featuring a Cobalt Cerakote® finish and traditional, hardwood grips. This model includes a DeSantis® Wild Hog™ Field and Range Holster which can be worn cross draw or with a forward cant, and is ambidextrous. Built from premium top grain steer hide and center cut steer hide, this holster also features an adjustable tension device.

ruger wrangler

The other piece that pulls this ensemble together is the DeSantis Wild Hog Field and Range Holster. If you want to play the part of a cowboy, you’ve got to look the part, right? All joking aside, it is authentically a really nice holster. Couple that with a market price of $249 roughly, and it is quite the bargain. Some of the specs for the TALO Exclusive Ruger Wrangler can be read below as presented by Ruger:

  • Grips: Hardwood
  • Capacity: 6 Rounds
  • Sights: Integral Front Sight Blade and Integral Rear Notch
  • Barrel Length: 4.62″ w/ 1:14″ Right-Hand Twist Rate & 6-Groove Rifling
  • Cylinder Frame Finish: Cobalt Cerakote®
  • Cylinder Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Overall Length: 10.25″
  • Weight: 30 Ounces
  • Available & Legal In: CA – Yes | MA – No | MN – No

ruger wrangler

The nice thing about the DeSantis Wild Hog Field and Range Holster is that you can run it ambidextrously (for lefties and righties), you could do a cross-draw from your non-dominant side, and the top-strap can be removed if you want easier access. If I were doing drills drawing from a holster at the range, I might remove the top-strap, or if I’m tending cattle and am on the lookout for striped gophers, I might remove it as well. In all other scenarios, having the top-strap is simply a good safety measure while riding a four-wheeler, horse, walking, or traveling of any kind. Some of the other hidden traits of the TALO Exclusive Ruger Wrangler can be read below:

  • Model includes the DeSantis® Wild Hog™ Field and Range Holster. This holster can be worn cross draw or with a forward cant and is ambidextrous. It’s built from premium top grain steer hide and center cut steer hide and features an adjustable tension device.
  • Blade front and integral notch rear sights.
  • Chambered for affordable .22 LR ammunition.
  • Transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge.
  • Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity.
  • Cerakote® finish provides rugged reliability in all environments.
  • Hardwood grips on a Single-Six® pattern grip frame.

ruger wrangler

I officially have 3 different Ruger Wranglers in my stable of wheelguns now with the addition of this one and they all shoot relatively the same as far as accuracy. I have never broken out calipers and measured group diameter because these are just meant to be cheap fun. They do shoot well though and if I had to give their accuracy a measurement they shoot “Minute of Pop Can” or “Minute of Campbells Soup Can” all day long at 15 yards. For little wheelguns that cost $200 or less, it is hard to beat that.

If you could only pick 1 of the 12 Wranglers that Ruger makes which one would you go with? This TALO Exclusive would be my choice! As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

ruger wrangler

ruger wrangler

ruger wrangler

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