Winchester Defender Line Adds 5.56, 12-gauge & 20-gauge Loads

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Those looking to expand their home defense options should be excited about Winchester Ammunition’s latest ammo release. The Winchester Defender line adds new loads in 12-gauge, 20-gauge and 5.56mm, delivering a solid option for most home defense plans.

Winchester Defender Line Ammunition

The new 5.56mm rifle offering loads a 64-grain bonded-protected soft-point bullet. It features an extruded copper jacket with an extra-thick base for optimum penetration. It also delivers maximum retained weight and rapid, controlled expansion, according to Winchester Ammunition.

The 12- and 20-gauge shotshells load copper-plated buckshot. The 12-gauge load delivers nine pellets of 00 buck. Meanwhile, the 20-gauge payload consists of 20 pellets of #3 buckshot.

The 12-gauge load features a purpose-built buckshot wad. It ensures proper pellet stacking for consistent patterns. Loaded to 1,145 fps, both loads deliver optimum energy for personal defense situations. Better still, the shotgun shells produce manageable recoil through defensive shotguns.

Shotguns and AR-style carbines remain extremely popular home defense options. Now the Winchester Defender ammo line includes more offerings to meet those needs. For even more info, please visit

Winchester Defender Specs

Caliber Bullet Wt. Bullet Type Velocity Energy Box Size
5.56 64-grain Bonded Solid Base 2,800 fps 1,115 ft-lbs 20 rounds
Gauge Shell Length Payload Shot Size Velocity Box Size
12 2 3/4″ 9 pellet 00 Buck 1,145 fps 10 rounds
20 2 3/4″ 20 pellet #3 Buck 1,145 pfs 10 rounds




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