With Biden having been in office for 110 days, how are things going?

Gas prices are out of this world
Wood prices have gone up over 120%
Our southern border is wide open for illegals to cross.
Our school children are falling behind in record numbers.
Housing costs up 140%.
Russia, China & Iran are showing their various actions against our country.
Giving all kinds of our tax money to the country is causing people to choose not to go back to work, which rolls over to various businesses not being able to open.
Democrats are pushing increasing the Supreme Court, making Washington, DC & Porto Rico states.
Crime from the BLM & Antifa going unchecked all over the country, causing massive amounts of damage and killing in mostly Democratic states.

With all of these items causing massive problems for our country, here is the one question I have to ask;

Are you missing the better times we had when President Trump was in office?

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